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Transizione ecologica e modelli dell’economia


The contribution intends to analyze the recent agreement of 18 December 2022 between Parliament and Council of the European Union regarding the reform of the European Union Emissions Trading System, better known by the acronym of ETS, and the establishment of a new Special Fund for climate change. In the outlined context, the research focuses on the function of the new duties on imports, reconciling the needs of respect for the environment and those of private economic initiative, in the declination that the new customs instruments fulfill pending the climate stability objectives set for 2050. Furthermore, the work offers a reconstruction aimed at enhancing the intervention of private operators in the context of environmental pollution with a view to safeguarding the “bene comune”, therefore, in thesame way as the principle of the sharing economy, ultimately contemplated in the same National Plan of Recovery and Resilience (PNRR).

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