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Profili problematici del potere di convalida


The essay analyzes the “convalida” power of the administration. This is a topic to whichlegal science has recognized less attention than the power of re-examination with ademolishing outcome. However, numerous doubts remain about the basis of the “convalida”power, its qualification, its relationship with the cancellation by the administration, as well as the conditions and scope of the review with a conservative outcome. There are still many controversial issues connected to these issues, such as that relating to the defects for which“convalida” is possible or that of the admissibility of “convalida” in court. Finally, the essay proposes to offer an essential framework of the issues that constitute the more general "convalida problem", attempting to offer some conclusive reflections and solutions on the subject, also in the light of the most recent jurisprudential and legislative interventions.

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