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Struttura organizzativa del Governo e suoi processi evolutivi: il ruolo dei Comitati interministeriali


The evolutionary processes that have involved, over the years, state structures and public authorities in general, have shown themselves to be particularly insistent with regard to the structure and activities of the Government, which, since it constitutes the real center of political management of the system, has been the subject of numerous legislative novelties. Nonetheless, it seems interesting to highlight the fact that some unnecessary government bodies do not seem to have been invested by these upheavals, continuing to carry out their activities within a framework that does not appear to have changed at all. This is precisely the case of the inter-ministerial committees, which, introduced into our regulatory system before the entry into force of the republican Constitution, have known ups and downs, passing from a phase of considerable increase to one of extreme reorganization which has exacerbated the problem of compatibility - appropriateness of their attributions with respect to those constitutionally reserved to the necessary governing bodies.

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