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La disciplina pubblicistica dell’animale d’affezione


This brief study concerns the discipline of Public Law regarding the pets. The provision of specific tasks aimed at protection of animals for public administrations makes the existence of a public interest in their protection appear not easily questionable. A very peculiar discipline is established for the protection of pets. The provision of more stringent duties towards both those who establish a relationship (of affection) with these animals, and the Public Administration, raises the doubt on the existence of a further and more specific public interest in the protection of their well-being.

This survey aims to define the exact morphology of this specific public interest. By trying to understand whether the peculiarity of the legislator’s intervention, in relation to pets, has determined the birth of a public interest aimed at their protection, or whether, instead, this public interest is solely connected to the relationship between the domestic animal and man, which represents the direct object of protection by the public authorities

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