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Halal as more than a market benchmark: from certification issues to ‘Eco-Islam’ up to Vegan Muslims


Etymologically, the Arabic term halal means (legally) 'permissible' – in the sense of what is permitted under sharia, the sacred law of Islam – and is manly associated with Islamic dietary standards. However, it encompasses all aspects of Muslims' life. Halal refers to a comprehensive coherence/consistency of human behavior with the divine revelation and theProphet's traditions. Going more into detail, “religiously, it corresponds to what manyMuslims consider as the good performance of their beliefs. Economically, it creates new opportunities for business. Politically, it corresponds to times in which identity issues became paramount. Socially, it relates to the need to cope with new realities without losing one's right to define the norms of the community. Legally, it is linked to the framing of 'traditional' norms in modern terms and categories”

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