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Impresa, cultura e comunità: dalle collaborazioni strategiche al partenariato speciale pubblico-privato


This contribution proposes a reflection on the special forms of Public Private Partnership (PSPP) provided for by paragraph 3 of art. 151 of the new Code of Public Contracts. The Special Partnerships represent new models of collaborative public-private governance, where the public administration, as a single point of contact, must be entrusted with the single responsibility of all processes in any way falling within the valorisation process, eliminating conflicts of interpretation between the same offices. Only in this way can one make a direct or indirect contribution to local development and return the value of the cultural use of public goods to the communities to which they belong. In the face of the profound changes that have occurred, it is perhaps time to start a serious reflection on the relationship between public and private subjects, to identify the relationships, the most effective tools and ways of creating experiences that increase the public value generated by cultural heritage. When we talk about public services, we cannot reason exclusively with a purely economic-monetary logic, or with ideological prejudices, but with a logic of benefits generated to citizens, in a perspective that takes into account all the activities provided, and based on principles of rationality and economic sustainability

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