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Il giurista tra accademia e società


The theme of the meeting requires us to think about how the role of the jurist should be understood, both within the Academy and in its relationship with society. In the opinion of the writer, the two things can, and indeed must, be held together. In fact, it is a matter of reasoning on whether and how the jurist's way of being within the Academy influences the relationship he maintains with society. And viceversa.

With respect to the lines of presentation of the meeting, therefore, it is firmly believed that we should not go "beyond the usual distinctions between jurists-professors and professors- lawyers, or between jurists-academics and jurists-consultants", but we must remain inside them. For the university 'mission', in fact, it does not seem primary to ask oneself about «where and how the scholar can carry out an important and recognized function for the development of society

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