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La responsabilità del Comune inerte per danno da movida


It is known that often from specific events that pertain to the daily life of every city big questions arise, which in reality pertain to the basic principles of a civil coexistence, as well as to the relationships between rights - different and sometimes apparently irreconcilable - of citizens, and finally again to the relationship between administration and the administered, between authority and citizenship.

Our cities are places of life and work, but also of leisure and entertainment for the young people who live there and for tourists. In the historic centres, often charming but with spaces adapted to the needs of many centuries ago, there are often the busiest and most fashionable clubs.

Often then there is a tendency to have fun in the evening hours, in which those who work actually begin to enjoy rest and sleep. It is the "nightlife" that - disappeared during the lockdown periods due to the health emergency - has forcefully returned to the fore with the return to normal life.

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