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I.I.A. (intelligenza artificiale amministrativa) e sindacato giurisdizionale


A preliminary reflection deserves to be shared as to the pervasiveness of the so-called technosciences and at the speed with which they end up influencing many aspects of human life: the more the specialization and complexity of the sciences grow, the more the urgent and common demand for values and meaning grows (9).

The subject of the dominability of sciences, and in particular in those that have almost immediate concrete applications, such as those concerning digitization or the so-called artificial intelligence, becomes fundamental, due to the trap of simplicity of use in the face of the incomprehensibility of the operating rules (in other words, of the algorithms).

If then these technosciences also concern the ways in which administrative power is exercised, it becomes even more relevant to ask how those values and rules that govern constitutionally protected freedoms can be respected in the hypothesis of exercising administrative discretion through unknowable volitional mechanisms. of a computer system, however advanced it is.

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