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Brevi notazioni sul sistema di valutazione dei dirigenti pubblici


In the regulatory evolution on the evaluation of public management, it is possible to grasp a 'paradigm shift', which, if we applied the considerations of Thomas S. Kuhn, would allow us to say that we are facing an epochal turning point, a revolution in fact .
With this we want to underline the change in perspective that characterizes the reform intervention that took place with the d. lgs. 150 of 2009.

Since the 1990s, the principle of separation between politics and administration has characterized, to a greater or lesser extent, most of the public administration reforms implemented by the legislator. Along this guideline, the project that has been attempted to pursue is that of modernizing the organizational structures of the public administration, whose decision-making summit has been entrusted to the management, while politics has the task of identifying the guidelines and objectives to be achieved

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