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La responsabilidad de los profesionales sanitarios ante la crisis del covid-19


An unprecedented and unprecedented crisis in healthcare management is what we are experiencing at this time, which is disrupting some of the central pauses in professional performance. Also of the common rules of legal institutions that were explaining or determining the legal relationships that occur in the aforementioned area. In many cases, these are novel issues that, probably, had not been raised so far in the specific terms that have now been raised.

It seems clear that we are facing an emergency situation in which many measures have been adopted that have overturned the threshold of "normality" in healthcare provision both in the field of public and private management, although it is true that with different rules and guidelines in both cases.

Before any other consideration, we can analyze, as a priority, the development of the crisis, in legal terms, and then try some observations on the conceptual scheme of responsibility centered, in this case, on that of professionals.

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