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Language as the main aspect of Québec Nationalism


Québec is a Province of Canada, and it is the largest by extension and the second most populous area of the Confederation of Canada after Ontario. The provincial capital is the city of Québec while the most populous city is Montréal. Because of its language (the official language is French, rectius Canadian French), its culture and its institutions, it is considered as a nation within Canada. Québec is part of the region known as French Canada, predominantly Francophone. Quebec is the only Canadian province where English is not the official language and one of the two in which French is the official language (the other is the New Brunswick, or Nouveau Brunswick). The English-speakers in Québec are a minority recognized by law. Since 1960, there is an ongoing debate on the role of the French-speakers' world than the rest of Canada, predominantly Anglophones. The history of politics of Québec has been characterized by many efforts to achieve the sovereignty of Québec. To be more precise we have to say that during the time Québec asked for different requests: from complete independence, to create a sort of association with the rest of Canada, or Québec claimed for the autonomy  of the Province.

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