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The Ethiopian Dam Case study


The Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GRED) is a gravity dam on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia currently under construction. The case of the Ethiopian Dam is an example of the recent evolution of conflicts and tensions over water. It shows how water is an essential and exploitable resource, not only as a natural source of living, but also as a green energy source. In this analysis I will examine the historical, economic and political reasons connected to the construction of the Ethiopian Dam that generated the Nile Basin water conflict, underlining that the main cause of conflict it is the lack of cooperation among Nile riparian States (Liberalism Theory). Therefore I will analyze the positions of Ethiopia and Egypt in particular. Moreover I will argue that to overcome the actual tensions -due to the construction of the GRED- trough a sustainable and equitable solution, it is necessary the implementation of adequate international policy solutions, such as General Principles Accords and Regional Agreements established by the international community. In addition it is required the intervention of regional organizations, as watchdogs and mediators, because of their closer link to the territory of the Nile Basin that puts them in the best position to negotiate a balanced solution among the conflicting interests.

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