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Theory, legislation and practice of economic disputes resolution in the EU countries' courts



1. European Justice Scoreboard; 2. “Locus standi” before courts (EU, civil, administrative); 3. The commercial courts in France, Belgium, Germany, England and Wales, Spain, Italy; 4.         The case of Italy: the new specialized Sections for Undertakings at Tribunal of first instance and Court of Appeal (Law No. 27/2012); 5. Best practices in Italy; 6. The procedure; 7. National courts as “Guardians” of EU Law: Opinion No. 1/09 of the European Court of Justice; 8. Judicial Review in the commercial context; 9. The liberalization of economy by National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs); 10. The enforcement and review of NRAs decisions; 11. Italian NRAs characteristics; 12.     Market re-gulation and competition; 13. Public or private law litigation?; 14. Judicial review in competition law at European and national level; 15. Public and private enforcement closely intertwined; 16. Commission’s Green Paper (2005) and Comparative Report about claims for damages (2004); 17. Competition Jurisdiction in some EU Member States; 18. The judicial review on the acts of the Competition Authorities and the private antitrust enforcement.




This article provides an overview on commercial dispute resolution mechanisms across Europe. To this end, it provides a description of the mechanism applied in a selected number of countries and for some specific matters (with particular reference to the review of regulatory and competition authorities’ decisions).

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